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"Popcorn Thoughts is built on one simple ideal... No debt and no shareholders, means we never have to battle with outside interference"

No loans? No Shareholders? What kind of a busines plan is that?...

Allow us to explain.

Popcorn Thoughts' motto is, "don't buy what you can't afford". We like risqué, not risk!

There are so many areas of the entertainment industry that we can access for very little outlay, which allows us to hone our content and capture your imagination. By creating attention-grabbing 'noisy' concepts, our audience can choose to pay us by buying us a coffee!

If you enjoy our Podcasts, Shorts, Documentaries or Features, then you can show your appreciation by clicking on the link 'Buy me a coffee' and choose what you think our work is worth to you; over time, we build enough money to support other, larger, prodcutions, which then go on to create their own revenue. 

You see, it's just like any other business; you start small, prove your mettle, build your business on what your customer wants, and they will reward you by paying for your time and efforts...

By operating in this unique way, we can ensure stability by never having trouble paying the creditors, or divvying up royalties to shareholders. Fewer arguments and fewer risks, so we can just get on with creating jobs and opportunities, by being creative!

If you think about it, everything we do is made by YOU!

We know some clever-cloggs with a business degree will be yelling at the screen, because this isn't how they have been tought to do things, but, that's ok... We're just different, and different is good.

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