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One Bad Psychologist (Journalism)

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This public interest series, follows the investigation in to an internet Troll, who truned out to be an NHS Psychologist, and how easy it is to pick that Troll's web of lies, to pieces!


No Hope Society.
(Documentary/legal/health/Social media)

No Hope Society, is the first of Popcorn Thoughts grounbreaking documentaries.

Aimed at the Covid-centric world, we are examining the impact of 'Antivaxx' celebrities using and abusing thier social media clout to influence followers by propagating fear through psuedoscience and accusations of brainwashing.

Promoting hashtags, such as #WeWillNotComply, and even threatening legal action against any opposers, are they trying to engineer civil unrest? Are they adding to their followers' dread and battered mental health? Is it possible that any of these celebrities could actually be legally held accountable for their actions should one of their loyal fans become infected, for following their advice? 

Should we keep fighting these individuals, or are we looking at it in completely the wrong way?


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(Documentary/Tech/Educational/Current affairs)

Across Britain, thousands of charities that specialise in helping people find emergency housing in times of need, are struggling for donations… but, they aren’t just after money, no, they need appliances for their service-users’ survival; as-well-as toys and entertainment for any little ones that they may have with them. Frustratingly, at the same time, thousands of Brits are loading their cars with toys and tech that either works perfectly well, or only needs minor repairs, and delivering it directly to Council-run waste centres. The trouble is, in many of those waste centres. There is a rule that once something has touched the floor, no one is allowed to remove it from the premises, but a licenced waste-handler. In RELOAD, a team of tech specialists and environment focussed experts, visit one tip-per-week, meeting people who are dumping their ‘rubbish’; the Reload team test toys and devices that are being dumped, to see how much is fully functional and how much could be easily repaired (sometimes for just a few pence), they will then donate the fully refurbished and PAT-tested (where necessary) goods to local shelter charities, reducing landfill and giving people in need much appreciated assistance. Can we really make a difference, if we just change our throwaway mentality?

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